CPAAC Members


CPAAC's membership is comprised of alumni from the Citizens Police Academy class who have a desire to give back to CPD and act as goodwill ambassadors to the community.  CPAAC members remain engaged and receive ongoing informational updates, spread the word about Chandler Police Department's community services, participate in community activities, provide occasional volunteer support to Chandler Police Department, and more.


The first step to becoming a CPAAC member is completing Chandler Police Department's Citizens Police Academy.  The class is offered twice yearly at no cost to attendees.  Full details are available by clicking the link above.

Upon completion of the Citizens Police Academy, we invite you to complete and submit a CPAAC membership application along with your annual dues.

Alumni are eligible to join CPAAC within seven (7) years of successful completion of the Citizens Police Academy.  If more than seven years has passed since graduating, please re-take the Citizens Police Academy class.  Members must remain in good standing with both the Chandler Police Department and CPAAC.